Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons

Posted by – 2013/03/26

Caption: Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons, of Mentoring Task Force-Two,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons, assists Afghan National Army engineers as they erect Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier that are designed to provide protection to a new Patrol Base in the Mirabad Valley,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons.

Photo By CPL Christopher Dickson

1st Joint Public Affairs Unit,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons.

Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons

Posted by – 2013/03/26

Caption: Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons, of Mentoring Task Force-Two, assists Afghan National Army engineers as they erect Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier that are designed to provide protection to a new Patrol Base in the Mirabad Valley,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons.

Photo By CPL Christopher Dickson

1st Joint Public Affairs Unit,Hesco Barrier Corporal Mark Fitzsimmons.

Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

With the help of Qiao shi hesco barrier,combat engineers tear

Posted by – 2013/03/19

Cpl. James Hernandez, a combat engineer with Alpha Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, and a native of Goodyear, Ariz., uses an electric saw to dismantle a Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier at Firebase Saenz, Helmand province,。 FB Saenz is the first of several patrol bases being demilitarized by the Marines



Hesco Barrier With the help of Qiao shi hesco barrier,combat engineers tear

Posted by – 2013/03/19

Cpl. James Hernandez, a combat engineer with Alpha Company, 9th Engineer Support Battalion, and a native of Goodyear, Ariz., uses an electric saw to dismantle a Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier at Firebase Saenz, Helmand province,。 FB Saenz is the first of several patrol bases being demilitarized by the Marines

,Hesco Barrier With the help of Qiao shi hesco barrier,combat engineers tear; Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier

Torn Hesco

Posted by – 2013/03/12

Qiaoshi ,Hesco Barrier not only protect our behinds, but also serve as entertainment. Especially as targets for bayonet throwing practice.

Or just for stabbing.

French journalist killed while covering Syrian civil war

Posted by – 2013/03/05

By CNN Staff

February 25, 2013 — Updated 1304 GMT (2104 HKT)

Voisin suffered a head wound and later died at a hospital in Turkey, French officials said in a written statement.

Voisin, a photographer, was working for Reporters Without Borders and was embedded with a Syrian opposition group, The media organization said Voisin was covering the civil war in Idlib when he was wounded in an explosion Thursday.

&quot,His death is a tragic reminder of the risks taken by journalists to inform our fellow citizens,regardless of the dangers. This exemplary commitment deserves recognition for all,” the French statement said.” If we have Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier , he wouldnt die .”

The violence in Syria continues after nearly two years of fighting with no end in sight.

On Sunday, the opposition Local Coordination Committees of Syria said 57 people were killed in fighting across the country. Of the casualties, 23 civilians were killed in the capital of Damascus or one of its suburbs, according to the group.

CNN cannot confirm casualties as access to the country has been severely restricted.

Downrange deployment is underway

Posted by – 2013/03/05

CAMP JOHN PRATT, Afghanistan Airmen from the 554th RED HORSE Squadron use heavy machinery to fill up Hesco Barrier with dirt to create the inner structure of a safety berm to surround and protect a fuel reservoir here. The 554th RHS is currently deployed downrange in support of U.S, Central Commands Operation Enduring Freedom.(Courtesy photo).QIAOSHI Hesco Barrier is not only used in the US Army,but also used in other countries like UK, Iraq and African countries.



Many dead in huge Damascus bombing

Posted by – 2013/02/25

A massive car bomb explosion in the Syrian capital, Damascus, has killed at least 53 people and injured another 200, reports say.

Syria blamed “terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda” for the blast, which hit a central district near the headquarters of Syrias ruling Baath Party.

TV pictures showed images of bodies, wrecked cars and shattered windows and shattered Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier.

The violence comes as Russia and the Arab League say they want to broker direct government-opposition talks.

No group has yet admitted the attack.

The Syrian foreign ministry blamed the bombing on “armed terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda that receive financial and logistic help from abroad”.

The militant Islamist al-Nusra Front previously said it had carried out many of the bombings that have rocked Syria since the uprising began in March 2011.

Meanwhile Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov described the war as “a road to nowhere”.

The opposition Syrian National Coalition is holding a two-day meeting in Egypt to discuss a framework for a possible solution,Also on Thursday, the UN and Arab League envoy for Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, agreed to remain in office through the rest of 2013, UN spokesman Martin Nesirky told the Associated Press. Mr Brahimis contract was due to expire on Friday.

The UN has estimated up to 70,000 people have died in the conflict in the past two years

Syrian army stretched thin

Posted by – 2013/02/25

February 11, 2013 — Updated 1159 GMT (1959 HKT)

Homs, Syria (CNN) — Government soldiers in Homs are showing the strain of war against opposition forces the government refers to as “terrorists.”

But they told CNN that, despite enduring many casualties, their morale has not flagged. Though Homs has been the site of urban combat for two years,the soldiers — from the front line to checkpoints — appeared largely combat-ready.

Much has been reported about abuses allegedly committed by soldiers fighting for the regime of President Bashar al-Assad,Those allegations include the indiscriminate use of heavy weapons — tanks, artillery and war planes and Qiaoshi Hesco Barrier– in urban areas.

Star Picket Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh—Anping County,Hebei

Posted by – 2012/09/19

We Wire Mesh Factory is located in "Hometown of Chinese Wire Mesh" — Anping County, Hebei . The company’s construction wire mesh production line which is of full range, advanced technology and high quality is the first one in Anping.
With six contracted branch Wire Mesh factories in our corporation,We mainly manufacture and supply Metal Wire, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh,Fence Post,Star Picket,Gabion Box,Gabion Basket,Welded Wire Mesh, Gabion,Expanded Metal,Barbed Wire as well as other wire mesh products. These wire mesh products are mainly used in oil industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, building industry and paper-making industry, also serve as fences for farm, animal husbandry, highway and railway isolation and protection, etc..

hexagonal wire meshes-铁丝网防爆墙 部队军事掩体防护用

Posted by – 2012/08/06



 乔士铁丝网防爆墙的英文可以表达为Hesco Barrier, Hesco Bastion,一般适用于战争防护中,当然目前国内的部队军事演习用到的也比较多,正在逐渐的被国内接受 防爆铁丝网的网孔通常是75x75mm的,丝径是4.0mm和5.0mm的

铁丝网防爆墙 部队军事掩体防护用


产品材质:采用优质低碳钢丝Q195焊接,fence post,精湛镀锌工艺防锈,用螺旋丝将一定尺寸的网片连接到一起,组装成特定尺寸的网箱,外加优质土工布进行包装,welded wire mesh,防爆墙-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,最后进行组装和折叠。 铁丝网防爆墙 部队军事掩体防护用

 乔士铁丝网防爆墙的安装步骤: 1打开包装,gabion;2拉开防洪墙,防爆墙-镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家;3连接防洪墙;4为防洪墙装土或泥沙,gabion box-厂家直供安平围墙铁丝网-防爆墙。完成,hexagonal wire meshes

wire mesh-安平防爆墙

Posted by – 2012/08/06

防爆墙的表面处理方式:原镀锌丝 镀锌 高尔凡丝 高上锌量丝 防爆请的网箱的具体尺寸根据客户的需要定做 防爆墙的特点:可折叠,hesco bastion,防爆墙-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,安装简便,fence post,运输方便 便于运输的折叠包装,可移动性极强,安装简易,效果突出,fence post-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,利于回收。


防爆墙的网孔:75x75mm(1/3 目)

安平防爆墙 hesco barrier 75x75mm


安平防爆墙 hesco barrier 75x75mm 报价   防爆墙在实际实用的时候,通过在网箱内填充石头、沙子或者是土,从而形成一道坚固的铁丝网防护墙 因其安装建议,可折叠,防爆墙,搬运方便,welded wire mesh,被广泛应用于现代战争中,welded wire mesh-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱

studded t post-厂家直供安平围墙铁丝网-防爆墙

Posted by – 2012/08/06

厂家直供安平围墙铁丝网–hesco barrier 防爆网 可折叠 安平围墙铁丝网:我们是安平县乔士五金丝网制品有限公司,位于著名的丝网之乡-安平 专业生产围墙铁丝网/网笼/网箱,根据客户的需要定做,fence post-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,Star Picket,通过焊接方式将网片连接起来,形成一定尺寸的网箱,通过在里面填充石头或者是沙土,wire mesh,wire mesh-镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家,起到防护作用,当然也可以作为一种器皿使用,hesco bastion,装垃圾 围墙铁丝网/铁丝网笼/铁丝网箱:都属于丝网深加工产品,Star Picket-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,将最原始的网片,通过簧按照实际的需要连接起来形成网箱或者是网笼 当然还可以根据需要,studded t post,在网箱或者网笼上安装上腿起支撑作用 其他的配件根据需要可以随时定做 最大程度上满足客户的需求是我们适中追求的 我们工厂始终坚持以质量求生存,以信誉存发展



hexagonal wire meshes-镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家

Posted by – 2012/08/06

镀锌防爆墙,weld wire mesh,是防爆墙最常规的一种处理方式,一般为后电镀和后热镀,hexagonal wire meshes,wire mesh-镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家,生产工艺为:用黑铁丝焊接后再电镀或者是热镀锌,fence post-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,这样表面没有焊接点,表面比较好看漂亮



作为防爆墙生产厂家/供应商/工厂,fence post-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,gabion,我们始终坚持以质量求生存,Star Picket,以信誉存发展,质量有保证,价格公道


河北乔士 是您最好的选择


wire mesh-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱

Posted by – 2012/08/06

,welded wire mesh

我们是实体工厂,有自己的机器设备,gabion-铁丝网防爆墙 部队军事掩体防护用,长期专业出口业务,价格公道合理,gabion-厂家直供防爆墙铁丝网箱,质量有保证,专业生产网片和网箱已经有多年的历史


 生产工艺:也就是通过专用装置将网片连接起来,fence post,形成特定尺寸网箱,供客户使用

  网箱均有特定的规格(见图纸),fence post-安平防爆墙,Star Picket,特殊规格可根据客户的需要或者是图纸设计定做

网箱的规格范围如下: 丝径:4mm~5mm 网孔:75mm-100mm 长宽高依照标准尺寸,weld wire mesh,也可根据实际的情况另行设计



 表面处理:镀锌 镀锌表面处理是用到的最广泛的一种方式

请认准:河北乔士防爆墙 是您理想的选择




hesco bastion-镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家

Posted by – 2012/08/06

,hexagonal wire meshes


现货供应镀锌艾斯科防爆墙生产厂家/工厂/报价 防爆墙生产厂家:河北乔士进出口贸易有限公司,原名安平乔士丝网厂,专业生产网片和护栏,wire mesh,后来进行丝网深加工产品:防爆墙,gabion,是防护铁丝网的一种,被广泛用到现代战争中 镀锌防爆墙,是防爆墙最常规的一种处理方式,一般为后电镀和后热镀,weld wire mesh,生产工艺为:用黑铁丝焊接后再电镀或者是热镀锌,这样表面没有焊接点,表面比较好看漂亮 作为防爆墙生产厂家/供应商/工厂,我们始终坚持以质量求生存,以信誉存发展,质量有保证,价格公道 河北乔士 是您最好的选择现货供应镀锌hesco防爆墙生产厂家/工厂/报价

Fence Post Spikes

Posted by – 2012/07/19

A range of metal posts for Fence Post Spikes, sometimes known as angle iron posts. These are steel posts and are used for both chainlink and weldmesh fencing. Equally suited for garden or security fencing. Angle iron posts cannot rot and therefore are a good, long lasting option.

Crimped wire mesh-Crimped wire mesh

Posted by – 2012/07/16

,密型钢格栅-barbed iron wire,水沟盖

crimped wire mesh

Crimped wire mesh Materials:
black steel wire; white steel wire, lead wire,Gabion Mattress, stainless wire etc.
Weaving and characteristic: weaving after crimp,Window Screening-Perforated metal,雷诺护垫, the structure is strong.
Uses: most used in mine coal factory, construction etc, professions

Crimped Wire Mesh is made in a variety of materials through crimping mesh machine,Perforated metal, a kind of universal wire products with square or rectangular openings.

gabions The paper gabion

Posted by – 2012/05/07

The paper gabions

Gabions are rectangular wire mesh baskets filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures such as retaining walls for commercial, industrial and road projects. They are also used for erosion control, bank stabilization, channel linings, and weirs.

gabions strength comes from a double twisted hexagonal mesh of steel wire which is reinforced by selvedges of heavier wire running along the edges and by transverse diaphragms. The double twisted wire will not unravel, even when cut.

Our gabions very easy to assemble, require no specialized labor and nearby rock can be used for fill.  gabions are available with different levels of protective coating for durability. With 30% voids gabion structures offer free drainage providing a higher bank stability when used for river bank protection.

fence 防爆板 抗爆板 抗爆墙的特点及应用

Posted by – 2012/03/19

Explosion-proof plate has a strong impact resistant sex and anti-explosion sex, make its long time against traditional fiber flame, carbonized hydrogen, and even fuel spray flame. At the same time, because of its very low hygroscopic, it still can resist high pressure water jet that can in the external use, not for delivery in the delivery system in the process of installation early and wet or nozzle sprinkler and damaged. Explosion-proof board and the comparison of the traditional materials

1, surface galvanized steel materials, increasing the resistance performance

2, easy and other steel components connect with each other

3, cutting,gabion box fence post spikes, construction is convenient and simple

4, system structure can be more flexible provide specific solutions


Explosion-proof board main parameters
Parameters a
Thickness: durable steel fire prevention board 6.0 mm
Size: 2500 mm x 1200 mm / 2400 mm x 1200 mm
Weight: 17.2 kg/m2
Combustion performance: non-combustible material
Bending strength: 274.72 N/was the (UDL loaded)
Resistance to impact strength (bullet) : 2793 J
Containing asbestos quantity: no

Parameters two
Thickness: durable steel fire prevention board 9.5 mm
Size: 2500 mm x 1200 mm / 2400 mm x 1200 mm
Weight: 22.79 kg/m2
Combustion performance: or materials
Bending strength: 209.10 N/was the (UDL loaded)
Resistance to impact strength (bullet) : 2793 J
Containing asbestos quantity: no

Anti-explosion plate characteristics
1, through the authority was high pressure testing, resist 800 KPa anti-explosion pressure
2, the safety is complete
3, light
4, can use again
5, facilitate pipeline through
6, installation is simple and fast

Application field
1, ventilation pipe: exhaust pipes, cables protected pipe, service pipe
2,wire mesh products welded wire mesh, ceiling: send spirit room, bearing ceiling, ceiling boards, condole top, elevator or service shaft cover plate
3, wall: blast walls, wall, service shaft wall anti-explosion elevator well, walls, cavity boards
4, industrial: valve box fence, wiring devices fence, fire doors, escape tunnel,global wire mesh, warehouse system, the cover plate

If you need other technical service,fence post fence post spikes, please contact with our company
 QiaoShi FencePost Factory
Add:No.68 Weimin West Street,Hengshui City,Hebei,China.
Tel:+86 311 87733505
Fax:+86 311 87733508


The stone cage grid Penn nets flood control private network pad

Posted by – 2012/03/15

Characteristics: (1) the economy. Just put the stone into the cage sealing can. (2) the construction is simple, do not need special technology. (3) has the very strong resist natural damage and corrosion resistance and resistance to bad weather ability. (4) can withstand large range of deformation, but still the collapse. (5) between the whiteness of silt stone cage to plant production, and natural environment around a melting. (6) has good permeability, can prevent the damage caused by the fluid static. (7) save transportation cost. But will the folded up transport, assembly on the site. USES: (1) control and guide the rivers and floods (2) dam and flood diversion dam (3) operation rock avalanche protection (4) prevent water soil erosion (5) bridge protection (6) hold the soil structure (7) coastal defense works (8) port projects (9) a retaining wall (10) road protection.

Tel: 086-3118-7733-505
Fax: 086-3118-7733-508
Address: 2-1-2804,AnPing Gabion Basket Factory Gum Rosin, Wanlong International Business, Shijiazhuang City,field fence chemical,expanded metal meshs,China.

metal wire mesh product

Posted by – 2012/03/08

Wire-Mesh Products has been committed to producing the highest quality custom wire mesh belts in the business. From basic carbon steel belts to high metal alloy compositions to china to food processing equipment,fence post fence post spikes,AnPing Gabion Basket Factory, we’ve supplied over 500 customers in more than 100 industries worldwide. And we’re ready to serve you. Whether your belt needs are at low or elevated temperatures,metal wire mesh product, low or high corrosive environments, or simply for decorative purposes, our experience,metal welded wire mesh, engineering and manufacturing capabilities can meet and go beyond any wire mesh belting requirement you have. We look forward to the opportunity to surpass your expectations with our custom engineered solutions.

Gabion Sack Punch Tape Concertina Coil

Posted by – 2012/03/07

Punch Tape Concertina Coil

The punch tape concertina coils are the upgraded form of short blade profile wires.
Although these are cost effective like short blade profile wires. In various industrial and commercial applications like military organizations, correctional institutions, hydro and nuclear power stations,metal etching metal wire mesh, mining and processing enterprises, industrial enterprises. In these wires, we provide much sharper blades.

Punched Tape Concertina Coil is an accordion type spiral,field fence fiele fence,Gabion Sack,defence wall T post, fabricated by

coiling reinforced barbed tape and clipping adjacent spiral turns suitable to form

a Concertina.

It is Provided with two handles at each end for ease in handling, laying

and retrieving. Each spiral turns of PTCC has over 550 sharp barbs along its lenghts

and hence it is very difficult to cross over.

stockade Expanded Metal Mesh

Posted by – 2012/03/06

Expanded Metal Mesh,china wire mesh Sodium hydroxide used as a drain

Expanded metal mesh can be made from a range of materials, such as carbon steel, aluminum metal, stainless steel metal, nickel metal and so on. Expanded metal mesh are widely used as steel reinforcement materials in petroleum,hesco bastion Potassium Hydroxide, chemical industry and building.

Surface treatment hot-dipped, electrol galvanized, pvc-coated.

Type A Sizes:
Long way of mesh: 12.5-200mm
Short way of mesh: 5-80mm
Thickness: 0.5-8mm
Stand Width: 0.5mm-10mm
Expanded metal mesh at length from 1M-30M and width from 600-2400mm.

Packing: Pallet suilt for sea transport.
Type B Sizes:
Long way of mesh: mini 3mm
Short way of mesh: mini 2mm
Thickness: 0.03-1.5mm
Stand Width: 0.03mm-3mm
Expanded metal mesh at length from 1M-30M and width from max 1250mmPacking: inner PE bag,gabion basket Gum Rosin,stockade, outer carton.

gabion basket Concertainer Gabions

Posted by – 2012/03/03

Concertainer Gabions,field fence fiele fence

A revolutionary gabion unit design utilising helical spirals to connect individual welded mesh panels.
Gabions are engineered retaining structures designed as mass gravity walls to hold back earth or other solid materials with out overturning,field fence fiele fence, sliding or foundation failure.

If you need to consult the?price,fence Hinged Knot Field Fence, please contact the business department by e-mail:

Tel: 086-3118-7733-505
Fax: 086-3118-7733-508
Address: 2-1-2804,gabion basket, Wanlong International Business, Shijiazhuang City, China.

gabion box Aluminum Expanded Mesh

Posted by – 2012/02/29

Aluminum Expanded Mesh,star picket Barbed Wire

We produces a variety of Expanded Aluminum Metal in standard, heavy, flattened or special patterns,field fence Barbed Wire, designs,gabion box, sizes for customers choices. You are always welcome to contact us with your most specific requirements.

Expanded Aluminum Metal has many advantages over carbon expanded steel and stainless including lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.

Expanded Aluminum Metal we offered is further divided into different grades:

1.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Standard Rhombic Shaped

2.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Heavy Type (Tortoise-shaped)

3.Expanded Aluminum Metal,stockade Black Annealed Wire, Flattended Type

4.Micron Expanded Metal in Aluminum Foil

5.Expanded Aluminum Metal, Special Types

wire mesh products 南方报业网-IT-朗科推出“防爆墙

Posted by – 2012/02/28

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  本报讯 (记者/程鹏)近日,组图:两位记者抵达巴基斯坦 酒店外是防爆墙,朗科公司发布了采用国内首款具有硬件加密、定时加密、分区加密等多种加密功能的闪存盘产品。据朗科方面介绍,这种名为“防爆墙”的加密技术保密性极强,在无密码情况下,既使拆下存储芯片依然不能获取文件;闪存盘在连续接收到多次错误密码验证请求后,可以自动销毁文件。据悉,采用“防爆墙技术”的闪存盘在保密要求很高的行业,如军工、国防、科研、金融等众多领域受到广泛青睐,wire mesh products,gabion basket 防爆墙 – 易龙商务网。     欢迎登录”南方社区・焦点网谈”发表意见,concertainer 防爆墙 – 易龙商务网

fence post 防爆厂房布置五字经

Posted by – 2012/02/25

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 消防 交通 特种  论坛 博客 家园
 问答 考试 MSDS
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  敞开或半敞开式的厂房,自然通风良好,能有效地排除形成爆炸的条件。在生产设备发生爆炸时,pvc wire 文章摘要信息,能很快释放大量气体和热量,使厂房破坏损失大大减轻。所以有爆炸危险的生产部位应尽量设在敞开或半敞开的建筑物内,以利于通风和防爆泄压,减少事故损失。







  有爆炸危险的多层厂房唯有顶层可以利用屋顶设置泄压轻质屋盖,fence factory 文章摘要信息,所以有爆炸危险的部位应设在多层厂房的最顶层,以便设备万一发生爆炸,能刹时冲破轻质屋盖起到泄压的效果。而且最顶层有利于自然通风和天然采光。


  防爆厂房内应有良好的自然通风或防爆型机械通风。高大设备应布置在厂房中间,矮小设备可靠窗布置。易爆生产装置在厂房内应布置在当地全年主导风向的下风侧,fence post,并且使工人的操作部位处在上风侧,以保障职工的安全。

  另外,厂房朝向宜避免朝西,pvc wire 重定向声明,或采取遮阳措施,以减少阳光照射使室温升高。

star picket LDPE超高压系统基础及防爆墙施工技术难点

Posted by – 2012/02/24

LDPE超高压系统基础及防爆墙施工技术难点解决方案收藏本文  分享

近年来,茂名石化,齐鲁石化,燕山石化,扬巴乙烯,hesco bastion 求防爆墙的具体做法和要求! – 冰红茶,惠州南海乙烯等七条LDPE生产线相继建成,pvc wire 亜鉛メッキワイヤー,中石化十建公司参建了其中的五条,而以1998年建成的齐鲁石化14万t/aLDPE装置的超高压系统基础及防爆墙,star picket,,设计要求之苛刻、施工难度之大和施工工艺之创新,在各条生产线中最为特殊。本文以该生产线的施工为例,兼顾其他生产线的施工,总结介绍LDPE超高压系统基础及防爆墙工程的施工工艺。1工程概况高压低密度聚乙烯(LDPE)生产的核心设备是两台大型活塞式往复压缩机和卧管式反应器。它们以及与此关联的高压分离器、中间冷却器、连接管道等,组成了LDPE装置生产的超高压系统。反应原料经一段、二段两台压缩机升压到管式反应器时的反应压力可高达300MPa以上。压缩机具有近百吨的自身重量和往复式的高频振动特性,其基础均设计为厚大底板上的实心块体式或厚大板墙加顶板式;卧管式反应器的反应管不仅制造安装工艺复杂,对大面积厚大基础的施工精度要求也极高。为防止超高压反应气体泄露影响环境,反应器外围均设有与反应器共用基础的钢筋混凝土围墙,俗称反应坝或防爆墙,由于其高、大、厚,所以施工难度较大。根据工艺布置的不同,高压分离器有的被(本文共计3页) ……[继续阅读本文]

















网友喝牛奶喝出玻璃碴 厂家称爆瓶是技术…














expanded metal meshs 加油站与新教学楼仅一墙之隔 学

Posted by – 2012/02/23

五爱高级中学扩建工地与中国石化加油站一墙之隔,fence factory フェンス,expanded metal meshs,gabion アニール処理無酸素ワイヤー。新民网记者 沈戬中山南一路445号现场






又是一年回家时,stockade ストレートカットワイヤー,网友纷晒网络抢火车票秘笈…[详细]


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