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gabion Electric Equipment Hesco Electric of Toronto, ON M6J 2Z1 – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 6

Posted by – 2011/01/17

Is this your location? Take control,gabion

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Hesco Bastions Ease the Stress of Beach Cleanup with HESCO® Units – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 3

Posted by – 2011/01/17

,Hesco Bastions

If you need to have beach cleanup performed in a professional and thorough manner,gabion mat, call on Integrated Protection Systems. They have the right people and tools to install the HESCO? units and also provide Enviro Bond 403? as well. If you need a company that uses proven techniques to protect your beach before and after an event,Stainless Steel Grating, IPS has the answers you need. For more, log on to www.bp-oil-spills.com.

Once a storm or man made event happens and a beach is threatened with destruction either through erosion or an oil spill, beach cleanup efforts will go into effect immediately. However,Hesco Barriers, the money and time spent on beach cleanup can be long and hard. But there are some options available to property owners who need beach protection of some kind. One thing that is assisting many of these owners is the HESCO? Concertainer? units. These are patented cellular structures designed to protect a beach from the elements,gabion baskets, both natural and unnatural. Once they are filled with dirt-like material like sand they become an exceptional wall of strength that is ready to withstand anything nature throws at it. There are many benefits to having the HESCO units installed including:
·?? ?Cost effectiveness
·?? ?Ability to be applied to a wide range of applications
·?? ?Durable construction
·?? ?Used for flood control and beach erosion

Two people can put the units up in 20 minutes,chain wire, which is a major plus considering that time can be of the essence when nature is sending a storm your way. They can make beach cleanup easier by the fact that they preserve a beach once a storm hits. Sand sometimes has to be brought in from other locations when a storm hits,Star Post, but with the HESCO?? units in place,star picket, the sand stays put. Wave action washes sand out,reno mattress, but the units keeps it in place.
Also, by adding an agent like Enviro Bond 403? in the HESCO?? units,gabion basket, beach cleanup is much easier after an oil spill. The agent will turn oil into a floating solid. Since the units are permeable, any oil that washes up on shore will hit the units first with the agent inside and immediately turn into a solid. This makes it easier for oil spill clean up efforts to be maneuvered because workers can easily remove solid oil and then it is reused as a raw material like asphalt or fuel.

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star picket Hesco Lighting Showrooms in Clinton, New Jersey. (nj.) #28126757 – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Fac

Posted by – 2011/01/17

Blog,star picket


Ratings on Hesco Lighting Showrooms in Clinton
was rated as good by a Clinton citizen.

Map to Hesco Lighting Showrooms

Click here and write a blogpost in the Hesco Lighting Showrooms Blog of Clinton without signup,chain wire!

Help the Hesco Lighting Showrooms Blog of Clinton


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razor fence Deployment-hardened Soldiers, Airmen use familiar barriers to dam rising floodwaters – Q

Posted by – 2011/01/16

Mar 25,razor fence

Sgt. 1st Class David Dodds

Deployment-hardened Soldiers,gabioni, Airmen use familiar barriers to dam rising floodwaters

Deployment-hardened Soldiers,gabiony, Airmen use familiar barriers to dam rising floodwaters

Photo credit Senior Master Sgt. David H. Lipp

Sgt. 1st Class Douglas Carr,chain wire, left,welded gabion box, and Spc. Matthew Perkins carry a section of a collapsible barrier in Fargo,studded t post, N.D.,T post, March 24,gabion boxes, 2009. The Soldiers are assigned to the 817th Engineer Company. Sections of the collapsible barrier are being linked together and filled with sand to create a flood barrier to block the Red River’s rising waters.

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gabion Gabions,gabion,welded mesh gabions,weldmesh,mattresses,alu zinc,ireland,northern ireland,galf

Posted by – 2011/01/16

,Stainless Steel Grating

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Architectural Gabion Applications

Recently, Weld Mesh Gabions have been regularly used as architectural retaining walls, as well as architectural cladding for buildings. This is a testament to the quality of finish that is possible with Welded Mesh Gabions when constructed properly.

Typical Gabion Applications

Retaining wall structures River and canal training Erosion and scour protection; roadway protection; bridge protection Hydraulic structures,welded gabion box, dams and culverts Coastal embankment works Rockfall and soil erosion protection Architectural cladding for walls and buildings Freestanding walls,Y Post, noise and environmental barriers

Wire Mesh, Gabion,gabions, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes,studded t post, Fence Post,steel fence post, Star Picket, Fence,gabion basket, Field Fence, Grassland Fence


Our Welded Mesh Gabions have BBA approval,chain wire, Certificate number 05/4215

Download Welded Mesh Gabions Brochure (PDF, 1086Kb)

Tel: +86 3118 7733 505
Fax: +86 3118  7733 508
Mail: info@theqiaoshi.com

Download Welded Mesh Gabions Installation Guide (PDF, 212Kb)

Welded Mesh Gabions

Weld Mesh Gabions and mattresses complement our range of Woven Mesh Gabions and mattresses to provide a valid and effective technical solution in the design, construction and maintenance of a variety of stone filled protective structures. They can provide effective, economical and environmentally acceptable solutions to a range of civil engineering problems.

Weld Mesh Gabions are considered to be more aesthetically pleasing and they are also much quicker and cheaper to install than Woven Mesh Gabions.

All our welded mesh gabionis are manufactured in Ireland, giving us the flexibility to supply made to order non-standard sizes and configurations with a minimal lead-in time. We can supply almost any specification or combination of specifications of gabionis for all applications and durability specifications. Types of mesh in stock are 3mm Galfan, 4mm Galfan,stone box, 5mm galfan and 3mm green Organic Polymer coated. One popular configuration is 4mm diameter mesh in the front and 3mm diameter mesh everywhere else for extra vandal resistance on the front exposed face of the gabionis.

gabionis can be supplied to anywhere in the country, including Northern Ireland. Our welded mesh gabion boxess are usually supplied flat packed for ease of transportation. Our Gabions can also be pre-filled, but only when absolutely necessary because of high transportation and installation costs,gabion, as well as compromising the ability of the wall to redistribute loads because adjoining gabion boxess are not interconnected as well.

Contact us for a quotation. Specialist design and installation service for gabionis also available if required. We specialise in building the high quality retaining walls using high quality gabionis.

Weld Mesh gabion boxs are available either Galfan coated or with Organic Polymer coating over galvanised wire. Service life for Organic Polymer coated gabionys is up to 120 years, depending on exposure conditions. The standard colour for Organic Polymer coated gabionys is green while other colours are available to special order. Galfan coated gabionys on the other hand, will last up to 3-4 times longer than normal galvanising and is usually adequate for most normal applications.

Adobe Acrobat Reader can be downloading using the link on our Links page

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gabion baskets Caras UK – Gabion Basket Installers – Gabion Baskets – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 8

Posted by – 2011/01/16

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Fax: +86 3118  7733 508
Mail: info@theqiaoshi.com

Baskets come in flat pack form and are assembled on site. They can be used in a range of applications from small domestic projects to large industrial schemes.

A gabion baskets wall used in the correct situation provides a strong,field fence, long-lasting retaining solution.

The wire mesh varies in diameter from 2mm to 8mm and is either welded or woven,gabion basket, galvanised or plastic coated,chain link fence, depending on application.

Gabion Baskets are rectangular mesh baskets that we provide in a range of sizes from 0.5m² upto 2m².

Home Page | About Us | Gabion Baskets | Recent Projects | Contact Us

 A selection of different stone in-fill


The infill to the baskets is usually locally sourced stone ranging from 200mm – 100mm. Hand facing ensures that the wall has a good cosmetic appearance.

Wire Mesh,star picketGabion,chain wire, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes,steel grating, Fence Post,studded post, Star Picket,gabion boxes, Fence,Stainless Steel Grating, Field Fence,fence, Grassland Fence

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reno mattress 石笼网2 – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 2

Posted by – 2011/01/16


   - 产品用途介绍 -



   - 锌-5%铝-混合稀土合金钢丝 -



     – 热镀高镀锌包覆PVC钢丝 -


   热镀锌钢丝是采用优质低碳钢丝表面热镀锌处理,chain wire,钢丝抗拉强度不少于380MPa,上锌量根据ASTM和EN标准在245g/㎡以上。


   该结构可用于边坡支护、基坑支护、山体岩面挂网喷浆、边坡 植生(绿化)、铁路高速公路隔离护拦网,它还能制成箱笼、网垫,用于江河、堤坝及海塘的防冲刷保护以及水库、河流截流用网箱。

  石笼网是一种生态格网结构,它由高抗腐蚀、高强度、具有延展性的低碳钢丝或者包覆PVC的以上钢丝使用机械编织或者焊接而成,使用该网制作而成的箱型结构就是石笼。根据ASTM和EN标准,fence,所使用的低碳钢丝直径根据工程设计要求而不同。一般介于2.0-4.0mm之间,钢丝的抗拉强度不少于38kg/m2,金属镀层重量一般高于245g/m2石笼网片的边缘线直径一般要大于网线直径。其双线绞合部分的长度不得小于50mm.以保证绞合部分钢丝的金属镀层和PVC镀层不受破坏,T post


   在中国,该结构起源于2000多年的竹笼,羊圈工艺,李冰父子在都江堰工程中首次使用,这是传统意义上的生态格网结构,studded post;中国现代意义上的生态格网1998年起源于江南一家名为金利达的企业。如今,作为新工艺、新技术、新材料的新型生态格网结构,成功地应用于水利工程、公路、铁路工程、堤防的保护工程中。较好地实现了工程结构与生态环境的有机结合。同时与一些传统刚性结构比较起来有其自身的优点,因此在世界范围内已经成为保护河床、治理滑坡、防治泥石流、防止落石兼顾环境保护的首选结构型式。



   3、该结构本质上都具有透水性,gabion mattress,对地下水的自然作用及过滤作用具有较强的包容性,水中的悬移物和淤泥得以沉淀于填石缝中,从而有利于自然植物的生长,逐步恢复原有的生态环境。

   (又叫高尔凡),Y Post,这是一种近年来国际新兴的一种新材料,铝含量4.5~6.2%,耐腐蚀性是传统纯镀锌的3倍以上,具有较高的抗腐蚀性能,抗拉强度不少于380Mpa,经得起在强力变形工艺条件下缠绕、弯曲的考验,studded t post。符合GB/T 20492-2006标准。


    石笼网,steel fence post,又叫蛇笼格宾网雷诺垫,英文名称:Gabion, Gabion Box,fence post, Gabion Basket, Reno Mattress, Rock Box




   - 热镀高镀锌钢丝 -


   2、抗冲刷能力较强,welded gabion box,能承受最大的水流速度可达6m/s;

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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gabions 石笼网 – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 4

Posted by – 2011/01/16


最常见的金属筐土木工程用途是稳定的海岸侵蚀的斜坡或反对。其他用途包括挡土墙,临时防洪墙,小型或临时/永久堤坝,河道,steel fence post,渠道衬砌,以过滤径流泥沙。[2他们可能被用来指示一个洪水周围脆弱的结构流动人口] 。金属筐也被用来作为小溪流鱼类的障碍。




金属筐也被用于建设,在多明斯酒厂的纳帕谷,gabion mattress,加州。它的外观是由模块化丝网含有金属筐当地开采石头,T post,这个建设创造一个适宜的温度范围内的建设环境。[3] [4]



石笼网从意大利gabion baskets(意为“大笼子”,从意大利gabbia和拉丁美洲cavea意思是“笼”)是鸡笼,缸,或用土或沙子是在民用工程,道路建设和军事应用中使用填充盒,studded post。为控制水土流失笼抛石使用。对于水坝或基础施工,chain wire,采用圆柱形金属结构。在军事方面,Y Post,泥土或沙子填充金属筐是用来防止敌人的炮兵火力机组,welded gabion box

石笼筐已经过去,因为他们的模块化和能力松散抛石一定的优势,以在各种形状的堆积,studded t post,他们也抵抗流动的水冲走了。金属筐也有过更多的刚性结构的优势,因为他们能符合地面运动,从流动的水释放能量,自由和流失,fence post。他们的力量和成效可能会增加,在一些情况下时间,因为淤泥质和植被填补空隙,加强结构。它们有时被用来保持石头可能掉下来一切割或危及交通干线上的悬崖。[编辑]


Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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gabion Welded Gabion Box – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 0

Posted by – 2011/01/16

 ,gabion mattress

Coating Properyt Test Method Value
Tensile Strength ASTM D638 2275Min
Elongation ASTM D638 290% No Break
Hardness ASTMD2240 75Min Shore A
Salt Sproy ASTM B 117 3000hrs.no effect
Exposure to
Ultraviolet Light
ASTM 1499

 ASTM A 90 Standard Tedst Method for Weight of Coating on Zinc-Coated(Galvanized) lron or Steel Articles ASTM A 641” Standard Specifications for Zinc- Coated (Galvanized ) Carbon Steel Wire “ Riverdale mesh exceeds Class 3 zinc coating weights.

Galvanized Coating

Welded Gabion Box

 Unlike hexagonal units,fence post, QiaoShi welded wire Gabion hold their shape better – they don’t bulge out when filled .They are easy to handle,Star Post,which means more work,welded gabion box,less labor and highter productivity an the job.

 Field installation is quick and easy. In fact, installation time can be as much as 40% less than required by hex type gabionis. With diaphragms and stiffeners installed,T post,the gabion box may be filled with standard loading equipment.After filling the gabion baskets,fence, a lid is placed on top and secured with spiral binders,chain wire,lacing wire or “C” rings.

 QiaoShi Welded wire Gabion are made by one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of welded wire mesh. Each gabion box is constructed of rugged hight tensile wire which is coated with a thick,studded t post, cor-rosion-resistant layer of zinc. The wire is also available with a tough,Y Post,durable PVC coating. The jality materials results in a longer,razor fence,gabion box life. QiaoShi welded wire supplied from stock in a complete Custom sizes to fit unique site con-ailable on special order.

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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gabiony QiaoShi Bastion – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 8

Posted by – 2011/01/16

One of the least advertised to save lives and keep their jobs in Iraq is a QisoShi Barrier. It is a metal container with a tarpaulin cover durable plastic. Open and use the loader to fill it with sand (dirt or gravel),gabiony, and you have a barrier to protect personnel and property from enemy fire (or bombs). Originally developed for use on beaches and marshes in the fight against erosion and flooding, "Hesco Bastion,studded post, as it is officially called, quickly became a popular device security, even before 11 September 2001. The device name,razor fence, the company has developed more than ten years, a China Hebei company called QiaoShi.

QiaoShi Bastion

Labor-saving angle is very popular among the troops. Before the QiaoShi Barriers troops filled with sand, which has been slow. Soldiers can fill about 20 sandbags per hour. Soldiers using the QiaoShi Barriers and the truck can make 10 times the work of troops with sandbags. QiaoShi Barriers come in various sizes,Star Post, designed for military work. The size of these amounts (high,Y Post, wide, long); [NO.QS1] 4’6"x3’6"x32′ ($ 301), [NO.QS2] 2′x2′x4′ ($25),chain wire, [NO.QS3] 3’3"x3’3"x32′ ($220), [NO.QS4] 3’3"x5′x32′ ($356), [NO.QS5] 2′x 2′x10′ ($57), [NO.QS7] 7’3"x7′x90′ ($1640), [NO.QS8] 4’6"x4′x32′ ($329),  [NO.QS9] 3’3"x2’6"x30′ ($222),fence, [NO.QS10] 7′x5′x95′ ($1727). There is also a set of bunker for the construction of bunkers. Most of the obstacles can be added. Obstacles are delivered collapsed and very compact. You quickly pull open,gabion mattress, then fill with sand or dust. Filled with sand,fence post, 24-inch-thick barrier stops the bullets and shrapnel. Is 5 feet thick to prevent the penetration of the grenade launcher (though they usually are not affected by a right angle is necessary that the thickness of a lot,steel fence post, but it just blew up a large number of fragments.) Starting from about 4 feet thick to protect against the majority of car bombs. obstacles prevented HESCO hundreds of casualties among U.S. troops and did wonders of the spirit.

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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hesco bastion QiaoShi Barriers – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 3

Posted by – 2011/01/16

,T post



Installation procedures:

3 connection flood walls,Star Post,

It’s difference form traditional stone cage nets (stone basket,steel fence post,) not only can hold stone,welded gabion box, even can pack more fine sediment filling materials,gabion mattress, particularly suitable for use local materials, the rivers downstream of stone or seaside use. Using advanced tool excavators, forklift, installation is several times of traditional sandbags,fence post, even a hundredfold. Hebei QiaoShi of this product in Europe and other developed countries have quite popular,studded t post, but also little-known at home. Especially in the U.S. gulf oil leak shortly before the products of our company, plays a very important role

2 open flood walls,studded post,

Product features:

1 opened the package,chain wire,

  1. folding packaging way is good for convenient transportation,gabion baskets,
  2. easy to mobility,
  3. easy installation,
  4. the effect is prominent,
  5. beneficial to recycling.


4 for flood walls outfit soil or sediment. Finish.

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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hesco bastion QiaoShi Barrier – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 8

Posted by – 2011/01/16

 ,chain wire

QiaoShi Barrier / Hesco Barrier / Hesco Bastion

After we established cooperate relationship with our client,Y Post, we arranged to produce as soon as quickly. Because client need those commodity urgently,studded post, we had to finished production within eight days. After our hard working during these days,T post, finally,razor fence, we finished production within six days,Star Post, and also catched the intending voyage. We shipped goods smoothly.
Our client were very appreciate for our effort.

Trial order quantity: 500sets
Standard loading quantities per 20ft container:
45sets per pallet,fence, 20pallets per 20ft container,fence post, totally 900sets per 20ft container

Hesco Barrier / Hesco Bastion
As per the order number: QS20100502E1
Client came from UAE. Order date: May 17th. 

Commodity name: Hesco Barrier
Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized
Wire diameter: 4mm
Mesh opening: 75mmx75mm
Size: 1x1x1meter
Geotextile non-woven polypropylene thickness: 2mm
Grammage: 200g per square meter

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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wire mesh wire mesh machine – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 9

Posted by – 2011/01/16

,Star Post

we mainly produce and offer stainless steel wire mesh,T post, wire mesh dutch weave, insect wire netting, brass wire cloth,gabions, welded wire mesh,fence, hexagonal wire netting, mild steel wire mesh, highway fence,gabioni, decoration mesh, expanded metal mesh,Hesco Barriers, perforated sheet and so on. anhua has successfully set up the second branch factory in southeast asia. with our wire mesh machines export to philippine, turkey, brazil,gabion basket, singapore, indonesia,chain wire, albania and more countries of the world,gabion mat, anhua becomes top exporter of wire mesh machines in north china. we are experienced in providing the most suitable solution to customers,stone box, to help training using of the machine and effective technical support.

Tel:(0086)3118 7733 505 Fax:(0086)3118 7733 508
Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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gabion baskets , welded wire mesh – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 0

Posted by – 2011/01/16

other link: sand control screen hydraulic rubber hose hydraulic hose stainless steel wire cloth

conveyor roller

anbernias offers stainless steel wire screen, copper wire mesh, welded wire mesh, architectural mesh, crimped wire mesh,gabion mattress, pvc coated wire mesh, welded wire fence, stainless steel wire mesh, wire mesh, wire mesh partition,gabions, wire mesh shelving, wire mesh guard, wire mesh conveyor belt,studded post, wire mesh grille, wire locker,Y Post, wire mesh decking, wire baskets, wire mesh waste bin, wire crate,wire mesh cages,chain wire, conveyor roller,mesh container,gabion basket, gabion basketss, brake hose, perforated metal screen, chain link fence machine,Bar Grating, palisade fence, euro fence, security fences, razor wire, barbed wire machine, galvanzied wire, stainless steel wire,welding wire.

fence post,stainlesss steel wire,gabion basketss,security fence,expanded metal,welded wire mesh,spring wire,perforated metal,wire cages,wire mesh partitions.

hebei anping QIAOSHI wire mesh factory strives to become the well-known chinese manufacturers creating china’s well-known trademarks.

professional wire mesh production techniques, rich experience in production, advanced production technology and mature management system, the international advanced level of the anti-corrosion coating automatic production line equipment, all these make a reliable guarantee of product quality. at the same time,studded t post, the introduced advanced equipment has reached the international advanced level. over the years, anbernias wire mesh pursues "quality for development" as the enterprise purpose, adheres to the "quality first, users first, integrity first" in  he screen industries in creating sustained success in the future. we warmly welcome your visit.

anbernias is the first in anping to take practical action to support the 2008 chinese athletes preparing for the olympic games. anbernias wire mesh products involves more than 70 kinds of products,gabion boxes, nearly 200 models, widely used in national defense, industry, railways, highways, coal, mining, machinery, textiles, paper, food,razor fence, medicine, culture, marine, aviation, petroleum, chemicals, building materials, expanded metal sheet, gardens, parks, shopping malls, electronics, home appliances and other industrial sectors and scientific fields, such as decorative protective screening. we have customers in all parts of the country, also we export to europe and the united states, japan, the middle east and southeast asia and other countries and regions.

hebei anbernias wire mesh has more than 10 departments including design center, manufacturing base and trading department, employs more than 100 people, and has become a high-quality wire mesh products supplier in anping, china. in the past 24 years, anbernias wire mesh has accumulated rich experiences and achieved rapid development. anbernias wire mesh is committed to independent research and development innovation, it carries forward the mission of building the well-known brands. anbernias wire mesh means high-quality metal wire mesh screen and deep-processing products to our global users. it has provided solutions for countless user needs and has become a favorite product among our customers.


we also offer other wire mesh product: fiberglass tape, decorative wire mesh, geogrids,wire mesh shelving,gabions mattress,steel wire mesh,expanded metal , stainless steel wire cloth,

anbernias wire mesh believes that china is going through a critical period of transition. as the outstanding representatives of national brands supporting the olympic games, anbernias will certainly be able to pivot for the development of the national economy.

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wire mesh Welded Wire Mesh Anping QIAOSHI Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 4

Posted by – 2011/01/16

As a specialized producing and exporting enterprise of ,chain wirewire mesh,gabion boxes, with over 20 years technical improvement and expansion,steel grating, jiahe is now equipped with advanced wire mesh looms and modern management system. Wire mesh products offered by jiahe have been exporting to USA,field fence, Europe,gabiony, South-east Asia,razor wire, the Middle East and other countries.

Anping QIAOSHI Hardware Wire Mesh Co.,steel fence post,Ltd. is located in Anping County,razor fence, Hebei Province,Hesco Bastions, China,hesco bastion, about 2.5 hours’ drive to Beijing and Tianjin.



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wire mesh Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh-stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer – QiaoShi Wire Mes

Posted by – 2011/01/16

 ,steel fence post


     • Material:  stainless steel wire,chain wire,Low carbon steel wire.
     • Weaving: Dipped galvanizing after weaving,gabion mattress, weaving with hot dipped galvanized iron wire,steel grating, Electric galvanizing after weaving,gabions, Weaving with electric galvanized iron wire,field fence, PVC coated welded wire mesh.

Technical Note:
1. Standard roll length: 30m;width: 0.5m to 1.8m
2. Special sizes available at request
3. Packing: in waterproof paper in rolls. Custom packing available at request.







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wire mesh Laird Technologies – Wire Mesh & Knitted Gaskets – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 9

Posted by – 2011/01/16

Wire mesh gaskets are a very versatile and proven style of shielding.? ,field fenceWire mesh gaskets have a great variety of uses and there are several popular types to choose from depending on shielding or environmental requirements.? Knitted gaskets can be made from a variety of metal wires,studded post, including monel,razor barbed wire, tin plated-copper clad-steel or aluminum.? Cost-effective for low cycling applications with high shielding effectiveness over a broad frequency range.? Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes,gabion mattress, the knit construction provides long lasting resiliency with versatile mounting options.? Available with elastomer gasket for moisture and dust sealing.


Excellent Versatile Shielding Performance with Great Variety

Elastomer Core Mesh is an optimum solution for combining excellent shielding performance with a high degree of elasticity.? Electro-Con oriented wire provides EMI protection and seals against moisture or rain on cast or machined surfaces.


Popular product lines include the QIAOSHI™ All Mesh,chain wire, which is the most economical gasket for low cycling applications and is designed to offer the highest levels of attenuation.? QIAOSHI™ Knit offers close-knit stitch of the metallized nylon provides a highly effective EMI shield,gabion baskets, as well as a smooth,Hesco Bastions, soft surface.? QIAOSHI™ Copper Beryllium (CuBe) Mesh offers superb resiliency for consistent,Hesco Barriers, point-to-point contact requiring the lowest compression forces among all other shielding materials and configurations.

Contact Laird Technologies today for your complete application solutions.

Laird Technologies’ wide range of metallic wire mesh and knitted materials provide low-cost EMI gasket solutions for many applications.

Laird Technologies maintains a sophisticated global manufacturing network and this,steel fence post, coupled with state-of-the-art design technology,gabion boxes, ensures market leading products ideal for your application.

Wire Mesh & Knitted Gaskets

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wire mesh wire mesh partitions – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 7

Posted by – 2011/01/16

,razor barbed wire

     security cages wire mesh partitions non-bearing panels are north american standard size,razor fence, and are built rugged to withstand tough punishment. security cages wire mesh partitions panels are interchangeable and can be rapidly adapted to any need. our security cages wire mesh partitions  allow for maximum air circulation. diffuses lighting for better illumination and won’t obstruct fire hose stream.

    security cages wire mesh partitions are the ideal solution for any secure environment. panels,razor wire, doors,Bar Grating, and service windows can be arranged in any combination. they are attractive,steel grating, economical,gabion mattress, quick to install,hesco bastion, and permit expansion at any time.

to request a price quotation: provide length and height of partition walls,gabions, door dimensions,chain wire, and specify if a top is required. sample sections are available upon request.

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wire mesh Kinlian Decorative Wire Mesh Co. of China – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 5

Posted by – 2011/01/16

FEATURED PRODuCTS       Decorative wire mesh is offered in a variety of wire diameters, styles and mesh openings. It is constructed of wires that are woven into a variety of unique patterns.
  Decorative woven wire mesh, also named metal fabric or architectural mesh,gabion baskets, is weaved with high quality stainless steel wire ,gabion mattress, aluminum alloy wire, brass wire,chain wire, copper wire or other alloy materials .   Air and Fluid Filters; EMI/RFI Shielding; Battery Cells; Ventilation Systems; Strainers; Satellite and Radar Antennas; Partitions; Outdoor Furniture; Speaker Grills; Security walls,stone box, ceilings,hesco bastion,etc.   Chain link decorative mesh is weaved with high quality stainless steel wire,Bar Grating, aluminum alloy wire,hesco barrier, brass wire,gabion box, cooper wire or other alloy materials.   Brass decorative mesh for decoration comes mainly in the form of woven wire mesh,gabion basket, sheets or grille.   Woven wire cloth drapery can be made in the following materials:
Stainless steel, aluminium,steel fence post, copper, phosphor bronze, etc.

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wire mesh Using Wire Mesh In The Garden – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 1

Posted by – 2011/01/16

Mother’s Herb Garden… ,barbed wire

Tidy trellises, sturdy tomato cages, even minigreenhouses—here’s how inexpensive wire mesh will make your gardening easier.

Using Wire Mesh In The Garden

A guide to canning tomatoes and edible applications, including tomato juice,Y Post, sauces, soup, catsup, …

The simplest method of using the mesh is for straight fencing and trellising to support tomatoes,studded post, beans and other vining plants, such as cucumbers and even melons. For instance,field fence, Scott Benson, in Upstate New York, grew out 100 tomato varieties on such fencing last year. Scott used 5×10-foot panels for this, because he feels it is aesthetically more pleasing and has safer edges than panels cut from a roll: an important consideration for him because his grow-out was part of a high school project.

HOME GARDEN’S EXPERTS DESIGN A VEGETABLE MINI-GARDEN FOR $10 May/June 1974 No,chain link fence, you don’t need a cou…

Understand: I’m not talking about woven-wire fencing. Although woven wire can serve many of the same functions,chain wire, it is expensive (due to galvanization and manufacturing methods) and difficult to work with (because of the hardness of the wire). Concrete reinforcing mesh, made of softer, 9-gauge wire, is inexpensive, stiff enough to make sturdy cages and easy to work with using pliers and wire cutters.

Mother’s Herb Garden: Garden Sorrel

You can usually tell the difference just by looking at the mesh. Concrete-reinforcing wire oxidizes easily and often is already rusted when you buy it. Woven wire, because of its galvanized coating,gabion mattress, remains bright for many years.


To erect them he used 6?-foot steel T-posts spaced 5 feet apart. The wire mesh was attached using pull-tight plastic bundling straps. He wound up with seven 70-foot rows that stood up to “the fiercest winds we’ve had in a long time.”

Terrific Tomato Soup and Other Tomato Recipes

Wire mesh is at the top of my list of things that make vegetable gardening easier and more efficient. Intended for reinforcing concrete,gabiony, the stiff 6×6-inch wire mesh makes perfect cages to support tomatoes or other tall crops. It also works beautifully for constructing trellises and fences. Combine it with plastic sheeting or row cover fabric and you can make minigreenhouses for season-extension and isolation cages for protection against pests or to assure seed purity.

Choose Long-Handled Garden Tools for Easier Garden Care

Mesh makes neat,reno mattress, perfectly even fence rows. At $5 a panel, the wire cost Scott $35 a row. Using rolled wire, that same row would have cost less than $25 and would have required fewer T-posts. It would, however, have waves and warps instead of being perfectly straight.

Reinforcing wire comes in flat panels measuring 10 feet long, 50-foot rolls and 150-foot rolls. In all cases, the mesh is 5 feet wide. The single sheets are the most expensive, and the 150-foot rolls are the cheapest. Depending on where you live, a 5×150-foot roll of mesh costs $50 to $60. Given the number of uses it has in the garden, it makes sense to buy the longer rolls.

Whatever their shape or purpose,Bar Grating, garden tools extend some part of your body and multiply the streng…

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chain wire HESCO officials asked to improve performance. – Free Online Library – QiaoShi Wire Mesh F

Posted by – 2011/01/16

18,chain wire,636,wire mesh factory,846 articles and books COPYRIGHT 2009 Asia Pulse Pty Ltd
No portion of this article can be reproduced without the express written permission from the copyright holder. Political activity
Political aspects
Political activity
Political aspects
HESCO officials asked to improve performance.
HYDERABAD, November 08, 2009 (Balochistan Times): The Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power Senator Nawabzada Mir Haji Lashkari Raisani has asked the high ups of Hyderabad Electric Supply Company Hyderabad Electric Supply Company or HESCO is an electric distribution company which supplies electricity to all the districts of Sindh in Pakistan, excluding Karachi.  (HESCO HESCO Hartford Equity Sales Company, Inc.
HESCO Hyderabad Electric Supply Corporation (Pakistan) ) to improve the performance of the organization within three months time by initiating effective action against power theft, control on line losses and recovery of outstanding dues. He issued these directives during a meeting with high ups of HESCO here on Saturday. The meeting was also attended among others by members of the Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power including Senator Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri,studded t post, Senator Abbas Khan, Senator Muhammad Zahid Khan,Bar Grating, Senator Nawabzada Muhammad Akbar Magsi,studded post, Senator Naeem Hussain Chatta and Senator Maula Bux Chandio. Senator Nawabzada Mir Haji Lashkari Raisani also underlined the need of awarding cash prizes and commendation COMMENDATION. The act of recommending, praising. A merchant who merely commends goods he offers for sale,stone box, does not by that act warrant them, unless there is some fraud: simplex commendatio non obligat.  certificates among those who showed outstanding performance in their fields. He also emphasized the need of adopting customer friendly relations with provision of better services to the consumers. The supply of electricity to the consumers should also be improved in better direction, he added. Senator Moulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri underlined the need of conducting load management according to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3.  schedule and with proper information to consumers so that they could not face any inconvenience. The practice of unannounced load shedding must be discouraged, he added. Senator Abbas Khan emphasized the need of completion of development proposals of Senators, MNAs and MPAs on priority so that people could get maximum advantage after completion of these development projects at their nearest. Senator Naeem Hussain Chatta was of the view that cash amount should be given to HESCO employees instead to provide free electric connection to them so that 35 megawatts electricity could be saved and provide to consumers. Senator Maula Bux Chandio said that correct electricity bills should be dispatched to consumers and the tendency of issuing wrong bills must be discouraged. The Chairman Board of Directors HESCO Nawab Muhammad Hussain Talpur informed the committee that HESCO has requested Sindh Government for judicial magistrates so that recovery of outstanding dues as well as stern action against power theft could be made possible in effective manner. The Additional Secretary Water and Power Saifullah informed that HESCO got financial assistance in term of loan from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank Asian Development Bank

A financial_institution established in 1966 to reduce poverty in the Asia-Pacific region. The bank is headquartered in Manila,Star Post, Philippines and consists of 61 member countries. , which is being spent for completion of new grid station and laying of new transmission lines. The Chief Executive HESCO Habibullah Khilji informed that the conversion of ABS Conductors at 39 feeders, extension of 17 grid stations, upgrading of 66 KV grid station to the level of 132 KV grid stations,T post, laying of 335 kilometers new transmission line and 700 kilometers new line,wire mesh, replacement of 0.121 electric meters, installation of 1160 circuit breakers Circuit breakers

Measures instituted by exchanges to stop trading temporarily when the market has fallen by a certain percentage in a specified period. They are intended to prevent a market free fall by permitting buy and sell orders to rebalance.  on transformers and replacement of equipments at 50 grid stations are included in the development plan of HESCO. The Chairman Senate Standing Committee while appreciating the performance of Sub-Divisional Officer HESCO Sukkur has announced the award of commendation certificates on behalf of the Standing Committee. Among others, Chief Engineer Operation HESCO Shaikh Nazir Ahmed, Chief Engineer Technical Deep Chand, Chief Engineer Customers Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah Ahmed Shah: see Ahmad Shah. , Chief Engineer Planning Masood-ul-Hassan Naqvi and Chief Engineer Development Imdad Hussain Dogar were also present in the meeting and briefed the members of the Senate Standing Committee about the performance of their respective wings.

Article Details Printer friendly Cite/link Email Feedback Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan) Date:Nov 8,razor barbed wire, 2009 Words:559Previous Article:Bhurgari for utilization of Zakat fund in treatment of poor patients.Next Article:Entry test for 4-year Degree Course 2010 held. Topics:

Related Articles 23 units to be offloaded under Public Private Partnership.Sindh Minister expresses dissatisfaction over Distt Zakat, HESCO performance.SCCI demands withdrawal of power tariff increase.Control of prices of utility items, agri inputs a responsibility of district government.PEPCO appoints CEOs for 2 power distribution companies.PAW OF DUTY; Army ordered to leave hero dog behind in Iraq.HESCO faces shortage of 460 megawatts.Hesco officials brief Senate Standing Committee.

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hesco barrier War Is Boring Top War Tech #10 Hesco Barriers – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 2

Posted by – 2011/01/16

?Voila, the first installment of a ten-part series on the best technologies in our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve got ten in mind,gabioni, but if you’ve got any recommendations, drop me a line at david_axe-at-hotmail.com. And if you want to toss any ideas out for the worst techs, I’ll be following up the top ten list with a worst five list at the end of the week. So with no further a-do … number ten:

Iraq?and Afghanistan are?dangerous. Real dangerous. Mortars, RPGs,gabion box, snipers and car bombs, you name it. Imagine you’re a soldier in the occupying army. How can you even sleep at night with all those munitions aimed at you? The answer: Hesco barriers. Take a collapsible wire-mesh and canvas screen and fill it with dirt, stack and repeat. For $700 per 5′x4′x3′ box,Hesco Bastions, plus some muscle power,gabions, you’ve got yourself an instant castle wall that can absorb all but the biggest blast. Don’t believe me? Check out this test video.

An anonymous soldier blogger in Kabul,gabiony, Afghanistan, recounts this 2006 ambush on an American outpost:

It ain’t sexy. It’s hardly interesting at all. But it works. And that’s what this series is all about.

The only protection available for the [Army] lieutenant [Shawn Hammond] and his senior non-commissioned officer was the Hesco barrier to their immediate front. With enemy fire cracking over their heads and all alongside them,chain wire, the gunners of the machine guns began to synchronize their fires, maintaining the rhythm and keeping the enemy’s heads down.The enemy finally got a bead on the position of the de facto platoon leader’s position,T post, and brought a mortar round six feet in front of his position. Violently thrown to the ground, the lieutenant and his first sergeant were temporarily deafened by the ringing in their ears and disoriented by the thunderous pounding in their heads. “I was trying my best not to vomit,wire mesh,” said Hammond,star picket, reflecting the common feeling soldiers experience when bombarded with “danger close” mortar fire. The disorientation is so strong that it makes you feel like an astronaut in training. It is an act of extreme will not to lose control. Had it not been for the four-foot thick protection of the Hesco,wire mesh factory, the two of them would likely have not lived to tell their story.

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Wire Mesh, Gabion, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

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Stainless Steel Grating Hesco baskets to be installed to block Gulf of Mexico oil spill NOLA.com -

Posted by – 2011/01/16


Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office said Monday the state will erect Hesco baskets along the coast in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill,Stainless Steel Grating, but the Louisiana National Guard does not anticipate a need for more troops to deploy them. About 1,chain wire,100 troops have been mobilized since last month. Jindal has approval from the Defense Department to mobilize up to 6,000 troops,studded t post, paid for by the federal government but remaining under state control. Last week,steel grating, Jindal said he would seek approval for Hesco baskets from the Coast Guard and BP,stone box, but that the baskets could "require significant additional" troops. Jindal’s office said Hesco baskets will be erected along Grand Isle’s northern edge and in Cameron Parish to protect the shorelines from oil. Hesco baskets essentially are wire-mesh and fabric baskets that are filled with sand and widely used by the military in combat zones to provide a bullet-proof buffer around outposts. Soldiers have completed a 785-foot berm at Elmer’s Island, but continue to backfill gaps. National Guard engineers and aviators also are filling gaps near Port Fourchon and near Thunder Bayou. Troops also continue to erect a 7-mile tiger dam at Southwest Pass and have staged another seven miles of tiger dam material at Grand Isle,gabion mat, Jindal’s office said.

Register now for free, or sign in with any of these services:

Michelle Rolls-Thomas/The Associated Press archiveMembers of the U.S. Army National Guard B Company 711 put Hesco containers along the beaches of Dauphin Island,star picket, Ala.,gabioni, on May 2.

AIM   Google   OpenID By Times-Picayune Staff
Follow Hesco bastion to be installed to block Gulf of Mexico oil spill Published: Monday, May 17,razor barbed wire, 2010, 6:36 PM     Updated: Monday, May 17, 2010,chain link fence, 6:46 PM

Don’t have an account?

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gabion GABION.BIZ – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 7

Posted by – 2011/01/16

gabion box [a. F. gabion box,razor wire, ad. It. gabbione augmentative of gabbia cage:—L. cavea. Cf. It. gaggia = F. cage:—cavea: see CAGE.] 1. A wicker basket, of cylindrical form, usually open at both ends, intended to be filled with earth, for use in fortification and engineering.

Well, that was intriguing! But my attempts to investigate this Muses Threnodie were foiled; the only texts available online are brief excerpts, like the one linked in the Wikipedia article on the author. If you do a Google Books search, you find that all copies of this book—published in 1638!—are "No preview available." What the devil, Google?

I’ve completely succumbed to the Troyat biography discussed in this post (and Yana Weinstein convinced me I was wrong to make fun of the word "sibilant"),Y Post, and today it taught me a fairly useless but interesting word, gabion box. Young Lieutenant Tolstoy, having gotten bored with swanning around the general staff HQ well behind the front lines near the Danube during the Crimean War, asks to be sent to where the action is, in the Crimea,welded gabion box, and winds up in Sebastopol: "Assigned to the 3rd light battery of the 14th Artillery Brigade, he found to his annoyance that he was quartered in the city itself,gabion mat, far from the fortifications and outworks." Troyat describes the "strange mixture of ‘camp life’ and ‘town life’" in the city, then says:Closer to the fortifications, the town assumed a more tragic aspect. Houses in ruins, roadways transformed into pitted dumps, bombs half-buried in the mud,reno mattress, the smell of carrion and cannon powder. Stooping over, soldiers crept along the maze of trenches. At the back of a casemate non-commissioned officers played cards by candlelight; sailors picked lice off each other on an esplanade surrounded by gabion boxs; near a cannon a lieutenant rolled a cigarette in yellow paper. Balls whistled. Bombs crashed. The sentinels called out, "Ca-a-non!" or "Mortar,fence post!" to give warning.I was, of course, struck by the word "gabion box," and the context gave no clue as to what it might be, so I went to the OED and found:

(You can see a picture of some medieval gabion boxs here.) But it was the second definition that impelled me to post:


2. Used fig. (with allusion to quots. 1638) by Scott.
1638 ADAMSON Muses Threnodie (note), The ornaments of his Cabin, which by a Catachrestic name, he usually calleth Gabions. Ibid. (title of piece),Hesco Bastions, Inventarie of the Gabions,Bar Grating, in M. George his Cabinet. a1832 SCOTT in Harper’s Mag. LXXVIII. (1889) 779 [Gabions are] curiosities of small intrinsic value, whether rare books, antiquities,Star Post, or small articles of the fine or of the useful arts. 1837 LOCKHART Scott (1838) VII. 218 Sir Walter.. began.. to dictate of Laidlaw what he designed to publish in the usual novel shape, under the title of ?Reliqui? Trottcosienses, or the Gabions of Jonathan Oldbuck?.

Wire Mesh, Gabion,chain wire, Gabiony, Hesco Barriers, Rock Boxes, Fence Post, Star Picket, Fence, Field Fence, Grassland Fence

Tel: +86 3118 7733 505
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Mail: info@theqiaoshi.com

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gabion Barbed tape – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 7

Posted by – 2011/01/13

Bastion ・ Blockhouse ・ Bulwark ・ Caponier ・ Casemate ・ Cavalier ・ Crownwork ・ Coupure  ・ Hornwork ・ Lunette  ・ Outwork ・ Polygonal fort ・ Priests cap ・ Punji sticks ・ Ravelin ・ Sandbag ・ Scarp ・ Station ・ Star fort ・ Tenaille

[edit] See also Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Barbed tape Access control
Environmental design
Physical security
Wire entanglement [edit] References Since ancient times Since Middle Ages Since Early modern period Since 19th century Since 20th century

Like barbed wire, barbed tape is available as either straight wire or concertina wire. Unlike barbed wire, which usually is available only as plain steel or galvanized,chain wire, barbed tape is also manufactured in stainless steel, to prevent the points from rusting to bluntness. Typically the core wire is galvanized and the tape is stainless, although fully stainless barbed tape is used for expensive permanent installations or under water.

[edit] Construction

Barbed tape is also characterized by the shape of the barbs. Although there are no formal definitions, typically short barb barbed tape has barbs from 10 mm to 15 mm long, medium barb tape has barbs 20 mm to 25 mm long, and long barb tape has barbs from 60 to 66 mm long. There does not seem to be much available research to indicate whether longer barbs are actually more effective in resisting penetration, but they provide a stronger psychological deterrent.

1 Use
2 Construction
3 Types
4 History
5 See also
6 References [edit] Use

[edit] History

More recently barbed tape has been used in more commercial and residential security applications. This is often primarily a visual deterrent since a well prepared burglar can breach barbed wire and barbed tape barriers in similar amounts of time, using simple techniques such as cutting the wire or throwing a piece of old carpet over its strands. Residential usage of barbed tape has been criticized by some as the aggressive appearance of the barbs is thought to detract from the appearance of a neighborhood.[citation needed]

Due to its dangerous nature, razor wire/barbed tape and similar fencing/barrier materials is prohibited in some locales. Norway prohibits any barbed wire except in combination with other fencing,gabion box, in order to protect domesticated animals from exposure.[1] Some local jurisdictions further regulate or prohibit barbed wire altogether.[citation needed]

Razor-wire has a central strand of high tensile strength wire, and a steel tape punched into a shape with barbs. The steel tape is then cold-crimped tightly to the wire everywhere except for the barbs. Barbed tape is very similar, but has no central reinforcement wire. The process of combining the core wire with the steel tape was invented by the current owner of Razor Wire International,T post, Renne Cano.[citation needed] The process of combining the two is called roll forming.

Abatis ・ Castra ・ Circular rampart ・ Crannóg ・ Ditch ・ Defensive wall ・ Gatehouse ・ Grad ・ Hill fort ・ Palisade ・ Stockade ・ Stronghold ・ Sudis ・ Trou de loup ・ Vallum ・ Wagon fort

Starting in the late 1960s, barbed tape was typically found in prisons and long-term mental hospitals,studded post, where the increased breaching time for a poorly equipped potential escapee was a definite advantage. Until the development of reinforced barbed tape in the early 1980s,steel fence post, it was rarely used for military purposes or genuine high security facilities because,Hesco Barrier, with the correct tools, it was easier to breach than barbed wire. Since then some military forces have replaced barbed wire with barbed tape for many applications, mainly because it is slightly lighter for the same effective coverage and it takes up very little space compared to barbed wire or reinforced barbed tape when stored on drums.

Barbed tape or razor wire is a mesh of metal strips with sharp edges whose purpose is to prevent passage by humans. The term “Razor Wire,studded t post,” through long usage, has generally been used to describe barbed tape products. While razor wire is much sharper than the standard barbed wire, it is not actually razor sharp. Even so, the multiple blades of a razor wire fence are designed to inflict serious cuts on anyone attempting to climb through and therefore have a strong psychological deterrent effect. In many high-security applications, barbed tape supplanted barbed wire,hesco barrier, which could be circumvented relatively quickly by humans without tools,chain link fence, while penetrating razor wire barriers without tools is very slow and difficult, giving security forces more time to respond.[citation needed] There is little difference in the breaching time for a well-equipped opponent.[citation needed]

From the early 1970s, unreinforced barbed tape was commonly used in perimeter barriers of US prisons. In the early 1980s, several manufacturers began offering barbed tape with an embedded reinforcing wire and the product has been the subject to a patent dispute.[citation needed] Early brand names of reinforced barbed tape included “Man Barrier” and “Razor Ribbon”. The latter probably lent its name to the modern slang term.

Barbed wire ・ Barbette ・ Border outpost ・ Bunker ・ Coastal artillery ・ Gun turret ・ Land battery ・ Land mine ・ Outpost ・ Trench warfare ・ Sangar ・ Wire obstacles

Arrowslit ・ Barbican ・ Bartizan ・ Bastion ・ Bent entrance ・ Bergfried ・ Caltrop ・ Castle ・ Concentric castle ・ Cheval de frise ・ Citadel ・ City gate ・ Curtain wall ・ Drawbridge ・ Enceinte ・ Embrasure ・ Gabion ・ Glacis ・ Guard tower ・ Gulyay-gorod ・ Hoarding ・ Keep ・ L-plan castle ・ Machicolation ・ Moat ・ Motte-and-bailey ・ Murder-hole ・ Peel tower ・ Portcullis ・ Réduit ・ Tower house ・ Turret ・ Wall tower ・ Ward (Bailey) ・ Watchtower ・ Yett

[edit] Types

Barbed tape ・ Concertina wire ・ Defensive fighting position ・ Spider hole ・ British “hedgehog” road block ・ Czech hedgehog ・ Dragon’s teeth ・ Electric fence ・ Flak tower ・ Hesco bastion ・ Main Line of Resistance ・ Sentry gun

Barbed tape was first manufactured by Germany during World War I,[citation needed] as an expedient measure during a shortage of wire. Since it was simply punched out of a rolled ribbon of steel tape, it could be manufactured much more quickly. This early barbed tape had triangular barbs and no reinforcing wire; consequently, it was more difficult to cut with ordinary wire cutters, easier to cut with shears,Y Post, and was generally of lower tensile strength.

Barbed wire became common in the American West in the 1870s[citation needed] and in World War I first found wide use in fortifications.[citation needed]

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