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fence post Expanded Mesh 2 – QiaoShi Wire Mesh Factory 1

Posted by – 2011/02/06

fence post

Material: Al./Black Iron/Gal. Iron/Stainless Steel
Features: Expanded mesh has features of strong Military Bastion, beautiful appearance Military Barriers, and good ventilation etc. Colors can be applied on expanded mesh.
Applications: Expanded mesh is widely in industrial welded gabion box, building gabion basket, household railway gabion mat, highway studded post, construction wire mesh, grain reno mattress, mechanical maintenance Stainless Steel Grating, and musical facilities.
  LWM: 4.5MM-100MM
SWM: 2.5MM-50MM
Strand Thickness: up to 8.0MM
Strand Width: 0.5MM-8.0MM
Width: 0.9M-2.4M
Length: 15M-30M
Packing: moist-proof paper/carton/pallet

Expanded Mesh

We are the perofessional manufacturers of Civil Engineering, Road Construction and Military Installations.
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